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January 5, 2018
Fashion Illustrator, Etta Shon
February 10, 2018

Bob Ballard spoke at Jacksonville University in October of 2017 and my impression going into the lecture was that his most known contribution to science was the discovery of the Titanic. It had been featured in National Geographic so many times. Much to everyone’s surprise he clarified – because he is able to do so now – that the ‘Discovery of the Titanic’ was very real but actually an international public distraction from a secret government mission to find two sunken nuclear submarines before other nations could find them.

He was a masterful part of an important race to save national security secrets for our nation. He not only succeeded safely in his mission he also managed to find an important ship wreck that helped bring answers and closure to a very significant event in history. Dr. Ballard is impassioned to promote the furthering of ocean exploration by “…engaging students in the wonders of science.” Like Susan Middleton, Dr. Ballard has spent quite a lot of time at sea on large ships. After he spoke I asked him if he knew Susan and he immediately smiled and said ‘I haven’t had the chance yet but I have her book!’ If they ever ever meet that would be super awesome to see. www.oceanexplorationtrust.org