Entero-Tunic-05-garment-Cropped1-Entero-Tunic-ils-New 19

Entero Tunic

cream linen  orange silk lining  glass beading
inspired by the young Pacific Giant Octopus whose enchanting blue eye sparked the beginnings of WINK


Lata Cover Up

umber silks  copper threaded hems  metallic beads
inspired by the flowing Orange Hydroid

Janulos-Dress Cropped3-Janulos-Dress-ils-New 19

Janulos Dress

cream linen  white silk lining  braided silk cording
inspired by the elegant Candy Corn Nudibranch

Hastata-Dress-Cropped4-Hastata-Dress-new 19

Hastata Dress

blush cotton silk  black glass beading
inspired by the stylish Doto Nudibranch


Dayo Wrap

sheer blue layered silks  glass beading
inspired by the confident Day Octopus

Mandtii-Tunic-Cropped6-Madtii-Tunic-New 19

Madtii Tunic

red linen  gold silk lining  smoky-blue glass beading
inspired by the courageous Harlequin Shrimp

Balia-Dress-Cropped7-Balia-Dress 19

Balia Dress

blue silk  white charmeuse lining  golden glass beads
inspired by the billowing Pelagic Snail

Rallel-Pant-Cropped8-Rallel-Pant-New 19

Rallel Pant

black linen  white silk  satin ribbon
inspired by the drifting Sea Jelly

Cyanea-Tunic-Long–Cropped9-Cyanea-Tunic-Long 19

Cyanea Tunic Long

light blue silk  jersey camisole  glass beading
inspired by the peaceful Day Octopus

Hali-Tunic–Cropped10-Hali-Tunic 19

Hali Tunic

magenta and celadon iridescent silk  ribbon florets
inspired by the twinkling San Juan Jelly

Dirona-Dress-Cropped11-Dirona-Dress-new 19

Dirona Dress

pink linen  white silk cotton lining  petal details
inspired by the beautiful Frosted Nudibranch

Lycera-Dress-Cropped12-Lycera-Dress-New 19

Lycera Dress

light pink linen  swirling bead pattern
inspired by the rhythmic Nudibranch eggs

Nula-Cover-Up-Cropped13-Nula-Cover-Up-new 19

Nula Cover Up

lilac linen  synched ties  glass beading
inspired by the adored Purple-Ringed Topsnail

Neona-Dress-Cropped14-Neona-Dress-New 19

Neona Dress

brown linen  sea foam silk cotton lining  upturned hem
inspired by the electric Swallowtail Slug

Senda-Tunic–Cropped15-Senda-Tunic-New 19

Senda Tunic

white cotton sateen  pale blue silk cuffs  crystal beading
inspired by the striking Opalescent Nudibranch

Topod-Tunic-Long-05-garment16-Topoda-Tunic-Long-new 19

Topoda Tunic Long

cocoa sheer silk  orange silk jersey  silk cording
inspired by the shimmering young Octopus

Ermiss-Tunic-05-garment17-Ermiss-Tunic-new 19

Ermiss Tunic

sky blue linen  glass beading
inspired by the radiant Blue Button Jellyfish

Tigris-Cover-Up-05-garment18-Tigris-Cover-Up-new 19

Tigris Cover Up

chocolate silk  beige silk lining  bronze beaded ties
inspired by the sculptural Sea Snail

Actis-Cover-Up-05-garment19-Actis-Cover-Up-New 19

Actis Cover Up

silk  sheer silk lining cascading beads
inspired by the velvety Prolific Anemone

Itonia-Dress-05-garment20-Itonia-Dress-v2 19

Itonia Dress

pale pink silk  white silk jersey  crystal beading
inspired by the graceful Diamondback Nudibranch

Linea-Tunic-05-garment21-Linea-Tunic-new 19

Linea Tunic

crisp cotton  pale pink sateen  petal detailing
inspired by the precious Butterfly Nudibranch

WINK to science and art, LLC thanks the marine-life photographers credited with the animal drawings for their amazing work and contribution to science and art. WINK does not sell these illustrations. They are included in the line to promote awareness of our fragile marine-life system, the need to protect it, and to represent a literal connection between a garment and its original design inspiration.